A behind the scenes look of the construction of our new Uniontown, PA billboard!
The structure is a V-Shape Billboard;  1-side traditional static (vinyl) facing north and 1-side Digital facing south.  It is 45 feet in height. The size of each display face is 10’6” x 36’.
The billboard is located along Route 119 south of Penn State Fayette Campus and across from Sheetz and Speedway.  There is convenient access to major highways including State Routes 21 & 51, National Pike Route 40 and PA Turnpike Toll Route 43.  It is located north of the City of Uniontown and is networked with our newer Uniontown board situated at the intersection of New Salem Road and Matthew Drive. 
The Route 119 commercial corridor contains the highest volume of traffic in the immediate area.  It is a direct link between Connellsville and Uniontown.
With the Uniontown digital network, advertising will be seen by potential customers in the northeastern as well as the northwestern areas of Uniontown.