Investing in Out of Home Advertising can be a large step forward for your business. One of the biggest struggles when getting involved in advertising is ‘what questions should you be asking before making this investment‘? Our goal as a company is to focus on how to better assist you in achieving the goals your company has set and coming up with the best plan to reach these goals.


The Numbers Don’t Lie:

A common question about billboards is how effective are they actually?

  • 89% of viewers consider billboards to be an effective form of marketing.
  • 58% of viewers learn about an event they would be interested in attending.
  • 58% of viewers said they learned about a food establishment they would later visit.
  • 68% of viewers make shopping decisions while in the car.
  • 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving.

Billboards have been around since 1803 and since then one thing has not changed, they are one of the most effective forms of advertising.


What is Circulation?

Circulation is often one of the factors in setting a price for your billboard, it is the measurement of traffic volume in a market. Circulation is putting a number on how many people that your billboard could be exposed to. Some factors of circulation to consider are how much traffic your billboard is around; the location of the board and how many other billboards are in the surrounding area. Understanding circulation will assist you when meeting with our team.

Questions to ask our team:

  • Which location would increase the traffic volume in a market?
  • Do you have any inventory that would increase circulation?
  • What are the benefits of this location vs the other location?
  • Do you think that this location would be better suited for my goals?
  • How many impressions can we estimate this billboard will make?


Narrow or Broad?

Billboards are a form of advertising that does not put a limit on the demographics your message is reaching. This means that target markets divided into smaller segments will be harder to pinpoint, which is an important factor to consider when investing in OOH. However, covering an aide span of incomes, gender, occupations, and races, may help you broaden your customer base.

Questions to ask our team:

  • What is the average income in this location and is it suitable for my product?
  • Would I be better off focusing on smaller demographics?
  • Would a billboard in this location give me the variety of customers we have been looking for?
  • Are there any school districts, event halls or sports teams in this location?
  • Where is the traffic coming from at this location and who should I expect to pass my billboard?


Let’s Talk ROI:

Return on Investment is a metric that can be used to evaluate how well a Billboard has performed. It takes the money returned minus the cost of investment, over the cost of investment. ROI is a conversation to have with an advertiser after the investment has already been purchased. However, it is one of the most important conversations to have to evaluate the success of your billboard.

Questions to ask our team:

  • What is the goal ROI for this location?
  • How can we improve this billboard’s ROI?
  • What ROI should we be looking to achieve?
  • What factors should I consider when looking into my ROI?
  • What challenges may my investment face?


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