Effective creative billboard advertising requires strategic placement and compelling design. In this blog post, we dive into the importance of simplifying your billboard creative. Discover how streamlined designs not only capture the attention of your audience but also effectively convey your message within the 3-second window motorists have.

Creative Billboard Advertising: 3 Essential Tips


#1. Visibility

When it comes to billboard visibility, the location of a billboard is not the only key factor to making sure that your billboard makes the biggest impact. The visibility of your creative also plays a vital role in this. When crafting your design, prioritize readability from a distance and during vehicular motion. While billboards at stoplights offer a captive audience, those situated along interstates must capture attention in passing. Ensuring your creative is tailored to these dynamics enhances its overall effectiveness in garnering attention and engagement.


#2. Contact Information

While featuring contact information on a billboard is crucial for business visibility, it’s essential to recognize that viewers typically lack the time to jot down details. Having a clear brand name on your billboard is of the utmost importance because it is most likely to resonate with a viewer who is interested in your product or service. The second most important piece of information to include on your billboard creative is your website. A businesses website serves as a hub of all information that the viewer needs to make a decision on their next steps – phone number, services and products, promotions. 


#3. Word Count

The average viewer sees a billboard for 3 seconds; therefore, it is important to get your message across in that time frame. To ensure your message resonates effectively, prioritize three key elements in your billboard creative: 

  1. A strong image
  2. A 3-7 word headline
  3. Your businesses logo

Tip: A helpful tip for gauging effectiveness is to simulate the viewer experience by switching images after three seconds. In creative billboard advertising, ensure your message is conveyed swiftly to maximize impact and engagement.