The History of Billboards

Picture yourself driving on a highway and looking up in the air to see a giant screen advertising a company, brand, or slogan. Well, that is a billboard, and they have been around for many years! Billboards are one of the best ways to advertise anything Рthey turn heads and catch people’s attention for a quick second but make a lasting impression.

It is said that billboards potentially date back all the way to ancient times and archaeologists have found proof of it. Throughout time, different forms of advertising were released which we later find out will assist with the making of the ideas involved with billboards. Later on, putting posters on clear spaces and fences became a popular form of advertising. However, companies wanted a form of advertising that made a lasting impact on viewers which is where billboards came into play!

Putting Billboards on The Map:

The first proper billboard was invented in America during the 1830s by Jared Bell. He wanted to create a form of advertising that utilized colorful design structures and covered a large space in crowded areas. From this, billboard associations were founded to assist companies nationwide in advertising products, services, and events.

By the Mid-Late Nineteenth century, billboards became one of the most effective forms of advertising. Businesses became more comfortable in the industry and started to experiment with different shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts to see which best suited their company. As the Twentieth century approached, ROI (return on investment) became a popular metric to estimate the success of billboards.

The Rise of Billboards:

The rise of automobiles in the 20th century led to a major jump in billboards. Cars allowed individuals to travel across more land at a faster rate resulting in more exposure to a larger number of billboards. Today, Americans spend on average, 300 hours in the car per year and 91% of households own at least one vehicle.

From the 1980s to now, digital technology continues to advance which is making our billboards better than ever! Our digital billboards can change messages frequently and offer advertisers unique ways to showcase their businesses.

The Importance of OOH Advertising:

Out-of-Home Advertising has continued to be relevant in the success of businesses today. Billboards are an essential investment for businesses hoping to grow their customer base and provide quality advertising. They offer a unique ability to create strong brand awareness while also delivering high visibility that continues to keep brand relevant.


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