Work Description:

Transformation Media is looking for independent contractors interested in installing and removing the billboard advertising copy on its billboard structures.  Other job tasks include the maintenance of the structures, minor electrical parts replacement and vegetation maintenance around the structures.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Install and remove flex vinyl advertising copy on billboard structures
  • Perform structure and vegetation maintenance, including painting and maintenance of the structures and trim, trimming trees, and cutting grass.
  • Responsible for job preparation, including folding and loading billboard vinyl and work order documentation and proof of performance photos and documentation
  • Maintain materials necessary to complete work
  • Responsible for basic electrical maintenance, such as replacing light bulbs and fuses.
  • Responsible for taking completion photos for proof of performance
  • Possible digital sign repair and maintenance
  • Fabricate and install wood advertising extensions

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements:

  • A history of performing such duties in a safe and professional manner
  • General knowledge of Department of Transportation (DOT), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations
  • Ability to climb heights and work safely above ground
  • Ability to safely use construction and vegetation equipment, in regards to the installation and maintenance of outdoor structures.
  • Ability to safely use vegetation removal equipment to maintain access and visibility to the billboard structures
  • General knowledge of electrical procedures and techniques
  • Ability to document installations, through photographs and written logs
  • Must have basic computer skills and some knowledge of smartphones

Contractor Equipment and Requirements

  • Independent contractor must maintain insurance as required by TM
  • Contractor must provide all equipment necessary to perform this work in a safe professional manner, including but not limited to vehicles, tools, ladders, safety equipment