Billboards are known for their ability to reach many audiences, capture the attention of viewers and promote your business 24/7. Billboards are the best way to market your company, raise awareness, and get your name out there. Specifically, billboards can be used for recruiting potential candidates for your business. Approximately 25,000 drivers drive past a billboard each day, many of which could be potential hires for your company. Step away from the recruiting websites which can be fiercely competitive and recruit new hires using billboards. By altering your recruitment marketing efforts, you will be able to attract and hire talent to keep pace with your goals in challenging hiring markets.

Pros of Billboard Recruiting:

  • Billboards offer a swift and easy call to action. Successful billboards engage the viewer instantly and prompt them to take straightforward action of applying for a job.
  • Billboards can be made in a manner that enables precise tracking of their effectiveness by using certain hashtags, phone numbers, URLs, text-only numbers, or exclusive advertisements of companies.
  • One of the distinctive features of billboards is their capacity for precise geo-targeting. Geo-targeting involves delivering specific content solely to strategically advantageous and distinct geographic locations.
  • Billboards can focus on potential employees. Placed along roadways, they cater to a demographic capable and willing to commute. Many individuals passing billboards are on their way to or from work, making them a prime target for employed individuals, which is a valuable demographic for recruitment. Considering that billboard viewers are typically commuting, it’s assumed they have reliable transportation.
  • Billboards reach many audiences. Depending on the location, billboards have the potential to be visible to hundreds of thousands of new people each month.

Billboards will always be one of the best ways to advertise. They can instantly capture attention, communicate messages, and help with brand visibility and are the perfect avenue.