Helpful Hints

There are (4) concepts that should be used when designing outdoor advertising.

     Humor: arouses the most favorable response among viewers

     Intrigue: involves a viewer using words or pictures that are not immediately comprehensible

     Surprise: stimulates a viewer using unexpected or unusual design elements

     Aesthetic: designs present pleasurable images or ideas to a viewer

Keep it simple:

The outdoor viewing audience is mostly mobile.  Mobility limits potential viewing times of an outdoor message to only a few seconds.

Be brief:

Less than 7 words and less than 3 elements

An advertiser should consider the most important product benefit to communicate and express that message to consumers.  Outdoor advertising should be a quick burst of essential information.

Designs bursting with brilliant color can evoke emotional responses that will inspire lasting impressions.  It is essential that outdoor designs are easy to read.  Contrasting colors are viewed well from a great distance.

Fonts selected for outdoor advertising must be easy to read from variable distances.  Words comprised of both upper and lower case letters are generally easier to read than words constructed solely of capital letters.