84 Outdoor can trace its roots to Joseph Hardy’s belief that outdoor advertising is the best and most cost effective media in which to advertise. In the late 1990’s, Mr. Hardy, the founder of 84 Lumber Company, instructed his site investigators to locate sites for billboard structures as they searched for new store locations. These structures were built to meet the advertising needs of 84 Lumber Company and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa, a property in Western Pennsylvania owned by the Hardy’s. The thirty plus locations, mostly in Western Pennsylvania, were the nucleus of what would become 84 Outdoor.


Since 84 Outdoor’s, official organization in the fall of 2001, the staff has been dedicated to the development of billboards. The company has grown from serving the needs of the Lumber Company and Resort to a full service outdoor company serving hundreds of third party advertisers. Today, 84 Outdoor owns and operates structures in fifteen eastern states.