As the world returns to ‘normal’, we are seeing an increase in ad dollars being spent on traditional advertising methods. Stay up to date with the following trends to ensure that your billboards are as effective as possible!

Utilize the Ease of Digital Billboards

One of the biggest trends in the OOH world is the shift to digital. Digital billboards allow for multiple advertisements to be cycled through in a carousel. Not only do they look great and draw attention, but the ease of digital billboards also sells itself! You can switch in and out creative as often as you need, and new advertisements can be added into the rotation and switched out within minutes.

Push the Boundaries with Billboard Extensions

Think outside the box with billboard extensions! Billboard extensions are a great way to increase attention and visibility and set your board apart from the normal rectangle billboards!

A billboard extension is a portion of your creative that extends beyond the rectangle billboard structure often made of plywood, fiberglass, or inflatable vinyl.

Keep Up With Technology: QR Codes

Putting QR codes on billboards is the latest trend in the marketing world. While phone numbers and website addresses are great additions to billboard creative, they also require the viewer to remember the specifics or have pen and paper to write it down. With QR codes, a viewer can be sitting at a red light and simply scan the QR code on their phone and have the information saved for future use.